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Effects of Dementia in the Life of Seniors

Through the years, dementia remains to be a prevalent mental condition in seniors. Studies have identified it as a leading cause of death which is difficult to either slow down or cure. Dementia is the overall term for a group of symptoms that affect the memory and other mental activities. When it gets in the … Continue reading

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What Can You Expect from Nursing Care?

As a primary deliverer of home health care in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Gateway Healthcare Systems continues to soar in making clients experience our unequaled services. One of the services we are capable of delivering to your home is Nursing Care, from which you can expect the following: Disease Management We passionately walk with you on your … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Keep Your Grannies Diarrhea-Free

Diarrhea. A complication accompanied by watery stools, abdominal pains, and constant visits to the comfort room. The experience is undeniably awful. Not only can things can get really messy, but it can also keep your body feeling sluggish all day long. For younger individuals, diarrhea is commonly healed through medications and a few days off. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Recovering at Home

When you are recovering from an operation, an injury, or an illness, you have two options. You can recover at a hospital or you can receive Nursing Care in the comfort of your own home. Both options can help get your health back to where it needs to be, but when it comes down to … Continue reading

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6 Daily Struggles an Elderly Loved One Is Hesitant to Tell You About

Do you find your elderly loved ones too much of a grumbler? It may be annoying but it is better than them being too secretive about what they actually feel. Being a senior citizen means growing weaker and more susceptible to diseases. For this very reason, it is important and helpful if the old-timers are … Continue reading

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