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How Hypertension can Affect Your Body

How Hypertension can Affect Your Body

Hypertension is one of the common health ailments among seniors that can go untreated for years. There are a number of instances when the symptoms of hypertension can go unnoticed and the next thing you know, you are already diagnosed with serious health problems. On normal circumstances, we can never spot high blood pressure because it could occur on sporadic instances and we may just ignore subtle signs easily.

Although hypertension can be controlled through medication and constant check-up from your doctor, your lifestyle will never be the same again. You have to make drastic adjustments with regards to the food you will eat and the activities you will engage in.

We really do not have a thorough knowledge as to how hypertension affects our body. Today, on the blog, we will discuss some of the effects of hypertension in our lifestyle.

  1. Distressed arteries
    High blood pressure entails more work on your arteries. The blood that passes through your arteries are not just oxygen and other nutrients, but it could be bringing excess fats and cholesterol too that could make deposits on the walls and linings of the arteries over time. If this happens, the blood flow might be limited, and so, requiring your arteries to stretch its linings more.

    The result of clogged up arteries may involve chest pains or irregular beating of the heart. Once you start experiencing this, it might be good to consult a doctor or hire personal nurses from our Homecare System in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Gateway Healthcare Systems to keep you monitored.

  2. Your kidneys could be in danger too
    This has something to do with constricted blood vessels. If blood cannot be pumped to the different parts of the body, it could hamper the function of the other parts especially the kidney. If our blood pressure is high due to fats, it can clog up vessels and they do not get enough oxygenated blood that will help them filter body waste for excretion.

    Kidney failure could be a by-product of hypertension. Since our body is not in its normal state anymore, they might not be able to function as efficiently as before. Many patients have already suffered such condition as they were not able to provide immediate treatment the moment they were diagnosed with such condition.

  3. Your brain and lack of oxygen
    Another result of poor blood flow is stroke. When your brain does not get enough oxygen, your brain cells slowly die. When blood flow does not reach the brain, it could cause blood clot and eventually you might suffer stroke.

    Indeed, hypertension is not a condition that we should just simply brush off. It could be a precursor to worse health impediments in the future.

If you know someone who might be suffering from hypertension and is currently under treatment, you can ask our nurses in our Home Health Care in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Gateway Healthcare Systems for assistance. You need someone who is expert in the medical field to make sure that they are given the right treatment.

For details, you can visit our website, or call us at 678-523-2712.


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