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6 Ways to Keep Your Grannies Diarrhea-Free


Diarrhea. A complication accompanied by watery stools, abdominal pains, and constant visits to the comfort room. The experience is undeniably awful. Not only can things can get really messy, but it can also keep your body feeling sluggish all day long. For younger individuals, diarrhea is commonly healed through medications and a few days off. However, for your beloved seniors, it is a completely different story.

On the darker side of things, reaching seniority means growing weaker and a longer list of medication maintenance. When hit by diarrhea, the body may no longer be strong enough to keep up. Note that this disease is never friendly. In its worst stages, it easily kills. For the safety of your elderly loved ones, follow these tips to keep them diarrhea-free:

  1. Practice regular handwashing.
    Handwashing is the best way to combat diarrhea. Since the disease is easily transmitted through hand-to-hand contact, this technique will considerably reduce the spread of infection. Also, a hand wash session should not be too fast. To know if the wash is long enough, mentally sing one round of the “Happy Birthday” song.
  2. Trim their nails as often as necessary.
    One of the favorite spots of diarrhea-carrying bacteria is fingernails. To limit the area of growth and infestation, trim your loved ones’ nails often. Assist them accordingly. Their failing eyesight may already cause them to have a handicap in doing this task.
  3. Get rid of molds and pests.
    Other known agents of diarrhea are molds and pests. In gist, diarrhea is present where clutter and dirt are. To erase any threats of infection, keep your senior loved ones’ homes clean and orderly.
  4. Keep a hand sanitizer handy.
    Bringing a hand sanitizer is especially helpful when going out. Since bacteria are microscopically small, you will never know if the thing you are interacting with is infected. After touching things life railings, door knobs, and money, sanitize your elderly loved ones’ hands immediately.
  5. Maintain the cleanliness of their personal effects.
    Usual possessions of seniors that contain dangerous bacteria are wallets, bags, combs, eyeglasses, and shoes. These things are usually exposed to dust and sweat which, consequently, triggers the further growth of infection.
  6. Boost their immune system.
    Stocking Vitamin C and other supplements is a very good idea to prevent diarrhea (and other diseases, for that matter). Consult with their doctors to know which variants are appropriate for their age, weight, and lifestyle.

The effects of diarrhea may be drastic but it can be easily prevented. When it comes to your baby boomers’ health and safety, it is best to keep a pair of keen eyes on them. If your busy schedule does not permit you to do the same, let our team take your place instead – Gateway Healthcare Systems.

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