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6 Daily Struggles an Elderly Loved One Is Hesitant to Tell You About

6 Daily Struggles an Elderly Loved One Is Hesitant to Tell You About

Do you find your elderly loved ones too much of a grumbler? It may be annoying but it is better than them being too secretive about what they actually feel. Being a senior citizen means growing weaker and more susceptible to diseases. For this very reason, it is important and helpful if the old-timers are vocal about what they need.

Though human beings are species gifted with superior intelligence, our race did not have the ability to read minds. We rely on the words spoken by the people we are conversing with. So if you notice something is off with your elderly loved ones, confront them. If they refuse to answer, here is a list of possibilities of what it could be:

  1. Discomfort
    At some point, discomfort is tolerable. However, when the circumstances are already extreme, the same can lead to stress. To ease any form of discomfort, make their homes livable. Constantly provide them supplies and install devices that promotes coziness.

  2. Incontinence
    While adult diapers help with incontinence, the issue of not being able to control their excretion may disturb the seniors. The condition can make them feel embarrassed and helpless. To help your loved ones recover from such feelings, reassure them. Make them realize that no matter what happens, you are ready to help and accept them.

  3. Body pains
    You will need to know if your senior loved ones experience body pains. A jolt of pain in the back or in the chest can mean any disease. To provide them fast relief for different kinds of body pains, keep the pain relievers nearby or give them mint ointments they can slather their body with.

  4. Difficulty in breathing
    Though it is already challenging for them to breathe, some seniors just keep the struggle to themselves to avoid worrying the entire family. Convince them that this is a perilous habit. The other family members deserve to know.

  5. Financial issues
    Maintenance medications are indeed expensive. But keeping financial problems bottled up to one person is unwise, other capable relatives are also obliged to pitch in. Try to talk to your grandparents and convince them to cheer up. Financial deficiency may be a big problem but being consumed by it is never the right solution.

  6. Depression.
    Depression is not just the feeling of being sad, it is also the feeling of emptiness. This mental disorder is dangerous. If assistance is not immediately rendered, it can lead to irreversible damages. Be there for your loved ones.

Seniority is the stage where you will need help, guidance, and understanding the most. Since your bodily senses are no longer that reliable, you will have to depend on others. Need an extra hand to make your senior loved ones feel loved and cared for? Gateway Healthcare Systems is a Home Health Care in Lawrenceville, Georgia you can trust!

Your elderly loved ones do not need just “good” services, they deserve the best! Let them experience optimum home care and Nursing Care services with us.

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